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The discount card allows members to make savings whilst you are on your travels and visiting your local shop or retail outlet which participate in the benefits scheme. The discount card incorporates the Shop&Save logo on the front of the card and is recognised throughout the UK.
Don’t forget that you can always Recommend a Retailer if there is a service you use regularly.

So why not join the Discounts Club today and get your discount card and start enjoying the benefits membership offers.
To join the club, Simply click on the link below and fill in your details and our brand new automated system will ensure that your discount card is quickly and lovingly packed and sent straight to your door. There is no charge for the discount card but there is a small postage, packaging and handling cost of £6.99.
You can also order additional cards for immediate family members, so that they too can enjoy the benefits of the Discounts Club. Additional cards cost 99p each.