The Antimicrobial SonoMask

At Last The Mask That Protects You

Reusable - Washable - Lasts Over a Year - Advanced Protection

The revolutionary SonoMask is now available at a special price exclusively to IntegratedCare4NHS to all UK healthcare professionals. Backed by Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry, Professor Sidney, the masks which took seven years to develop is infused with Zinc Oxide nanoparticles that can destroy infectious viruses that are found on the outer layer of all face masks.

Tested at top international labs, conforming to ISO/IEC 17025 standards, the masks have proven to be over 90% effective against Covid-19. Similar tests conducted in EU certified labs, per ISO 18184 standards, found that the masks antimicrobial filter kills 99% of other viruses. The tests also confirmed that the effectiveness of the Zinc Oxide was sustainable even after 64+ washes.

Guaranteed to last over a year, the SonoMask is an antiviral face mask that protects you and the environment with a clinically validated filtration of 5 microns, it effectively provides a barrier from infected micro-droplets, the principal method of virus transmission.

The SonoMask offers the most advanced personal protection to the wearer and IntegratedCare4NHS has negotiated a special price exclusively for NHS staff and healthcare workers The discounted price is not matched anywhere else in the UK.

  1 Mask    -    £35.99

  3 Masks  -    £99.99

  5 Masks  -  £144.99

10 Masks  -  £254.99

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How it Works

Large SonoMask for Men
Antiviral, Reusable, Adjustable
Face Mask with Nose Wire
Medium SonoMask for Women
Antiviral, Reusable, Adjustable
Face Mask with Nose Wire

WASH & WEAR AGAIN: A revolutionary face mask you can wear and wear again, remain protected from airborne particles and protect those around you, each and every time with this reusable mask. We recommend washing the face mask once a week with soap or a mild detergent in warm water to remove natural lipids/oil build-up. Wash in a regular laundry cycle or hand wash. Please make sure that the mask is completely dry before using it.

COMFORTABLE: The SonoMask is very comfortable to wear and it has a nose clip fitted on the inside ensuring that it will form a close seal around the mouth and nose. The comfort factor is in sharp contrast to the majority of ill fitting disposable masks.

COST COMPARISON: The mask is guaranteed to provide maximum protection for excessive, prolonged and repeated use for at least one year. (65 + washes). This makes the SonoMask the least expensive face covering available. Disposable masks including the N95 or FFP2 medical masks should be disposed of after one use and although these masks could be disinfected, sanitization is not recommended. So, from a simple price comparison viewpoint the SonoMask, even at its regular retail price, is approximately 70% cheaper then a disposable mask.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MASK:: The SonoMask is fashioned from a GSM cotton-polyester fabric, double layered and filtering to 5 microns The mask is infused with Zinc oxide nanoparticles that destroys more than 90% of the novel coronavirus and recent laboratory tests indicate that it is 99.9% effective against other viruses. The inner polyester fabric of the mask is coated with ZnO NPs using a patented ultrasonic cavitation technology, which will provide a 98% reduction in surface bacteria. The ultrasonic cavitation coats the individual fibers which ensures the durability of the protective nanopartcles up to 65+ washes.

The SonoMask has been successfully tested in the EU Authorised HygCen laboratory in Austria, the Microspectrum laboratory in Shanghai, it is now in use in Europe and has FDA approval for distribution and sale for personal use.

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