The Antimicrobial Sonomask™ PRO

The Mask That Protects You

Reusable - Washable - Lasts Over a Year - Advanced Protection

The new Sonomask™ PRO is now available at a special price exclusively to IntegratedCare4NHS to all UK healthcare professionals. The discounted price is not matched anywhere else in the UK.

The Sonomask™ PRO is an innovative unisex reusable 3-layered face mask crafted with a patented breathable stay-clean fabric that keeps the mask clean.

✓ Superior protection combined with a breathable fabric to support many hours of wear.
✓ Personalized fit: Adjustable ear loops sliders, and anti fogging nose wire to prevent air leaks.
✓ Low maintenance, reusable mask: wash only if the mask becomes stained or dirty.
✓ Eco-friendly: Replaces hundreds of disposable masks. Made with 0% harmful chemicals.

The Sonomask™ PRO is an improvement to the original Sonomask™ with an additional fabric layer giving a clinically validated filtration of 3 microns and a CE certification.

Backed by Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry, Professor Sidney, the mask which took seven years to develop is infused with Zinc Oxide nanoparticles that can destroy infectious viruses that are found on the outer layer of all face masks.

  1 Mask    -    £29.99

  2 Masks  -    £55.99

  3 Masks  -    £77.99

  5 Masks  -  £119.99

10 Masks  -  £209.99

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How it Works

With a whopping 97% filtration efficacy of 3-micron particles and an inner and outer layer made of soft poly/cotton fabric and a middle filter layer, you know you are getting both high performance and comfort to sustain long hours of wear.

Sonovia’s face mask fabrics are treated with an antimicrobial agent to protect the mask from becoming a reservoir of microbes. Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were tested according to ISO standard 18184 and proven to prevent growth of microorganisms on the mask. SonoMask neutralized over 99% of SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant. On the mask itself over 6 hours this means that in addition to high filtration your SonoMask neutralizes viruses it traps.

Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were also tested according to standard AATCC100:2019 test method and proven to prevent growth of bacteria on the mask. SonoMask demonstrated over 99% efficacy against Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus. On the mask itself over 24 hours this means that in addition to high filtration your SonoMask kills bacteria it traps.

Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were also proven to kill acne-causing bacteria P.acnes with over 99.99% efficacy in 5 hours when tested under standard AATCC100:2019 (anaerobic conditions). Sonovia’s patented ultrasonic technology used to make the SonoMask™ Pro is eco-friendly, uses no harmful chemicals and saves precious drinking water in the SonoMask™ Pro’s manufacturing process.

Reusable and Washable - The SonoMask™ Pro maintains its performance for over 55 weekly washes.

Eco-friendly - The SonoMask™ Pro replaces hundreds of disposable masks that are poisoning wildlife and the planet, quickly becoming the latest eco-disaster.

Budget-friendly – All you need is one mask for over one year of protection.

Personalized Fit - Adjustable sliders on ear straps allow for a comfortable, snug fit.

Anti-fog - The flexible nose wire ensures an airtight seal and fogless glasses.

Ergonomic Chin Guard - Keeps the mask in place and prevents air leaks.