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With energy costs soaring with no real end in sight, sophisticated enery fraudsters are trying to cash in on selling "energy saving devices". A recent Which survey study on the sale and aggresive selling of energy saving devices has revealed that a significant number of these products are completely useless. More importantly some of the devices are extremely dangerous, they can cause fires and electrical shortages. The Which report was also extremely critical of the well known online retailers who were touting energy saving products without testing them first.

A number of online travel booking agencies including Which are asking the "Travel Industry Regulator" to investigate whether Ryanair is making it needlessly difficult for travellers to claim a cash refund for disruptive flights. As it stands currently the airline pays such refunds into a "wallet". Customers must first confirm that they wish to have a refund. The airline then places the money in an online "Ryanair Wallet" to redeem against future bookings. Ryanair says the customers can opt for a cash refund with one click.
Online travel agencies believe that ryanair is breaking the consumer law.

Do not refer to the refurbished market as simply secondhand or used products. Refurbished products should be a cut above used and it should imply that the seller has checked, tested and is selling a product which is worthy of its new price and offers a reasonable savings against a brand new version of the the same product.
The big three direct sellers in the refurbishment market are Music Magpie, Buy It Direct and CEX. WeBuy have their own refurbishment department that work to very specific criteria. Other sellers such as Amazon Renewed, eBay and Black Market offer a more arms length approach using customer feedback, complaints and the number of returns as an indication of a particular companies reputation.

The antimicrobial elements found in copper, which has been well established over the past 60 years and is now, finally, receiving intense interest among the so called international scientific community because has the potential of killing SARS-Cov-2 the new strain of CaronaVirus that causes the Covid19 infections.
More importantly given copper’s aggressive antiviral activities, we thought that it should be essential for healthcare professionals to know how they can advise patients to ingest copper as a primary weapon in preventing becoming infested. This information we believe is critical because Copper is an essential trace mineral that cannot be formed by the human body. It must be ingested from dietary sources.
In that vain we include below a list of foods that one should eat in order to ingest copper, it’s a list of healthy foods and its broad enough to include meat lovers and ardent vegans:-
The best dietary sources are seafood (especially shellfish), organ meats (e.g., liver), whole grains, legumes (e.g., beans and lentils) and chocolate.
Nuts, including peanuts and pecans, are especially rich in copper, as are grains like wheat and rye, and fruits including lemons and raisins.
Other food sources include cereals, potatoes, peas, red meat, mushrooms, some dark green leafy vegetables like kale, and fruits like coconuts, papaya, and apples. Tea, rice and chicken are relatively low in copper, but can provide a reasonable amount of copper when they are consumed in significant amounts.
Eating a balanced diet with a range of foods from different food groups is the best way to avoid copper deficiency. In both developed and developing countries, adults, young children, and adolescents who consume diets of grain, millet, tuber, or rice along with legumes (beans) or small amounts of fish or meat, some fruits and vegetables, and some vegetable oil are likely to obtain adequate copper if their total food consumption is adequate in calories.
We hope this list affords our members an opportunity to for members to revise their daily diets and we in turn will offer more supplementary advice as we receive it from the experts.

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